Education is Perfect in Itself

To a huge side of the population, education may mean "nothing at all", but to a petty portion of people, education may mean "everything." Referring back to its founding father, the two goals of education are: The good for the entire society and the world, and secondly the former good must be the sources of other good. Because of these two goals of education, we have reached the terms: human evolution, sustainable development, development for all, equality in all conditions, etc; these consolations, are indeed, destined to fetch in good for one society, and increasingly the whole world.

However, I have seen that education has been negatively converted into an artificial key for self-benefit; this is far away from the principal and mindset of its founding father. Law and political science are two of the fields that have been negatively derailed from their founding fathers.

"The good for the mass" is the goal of political science and law, and this goal is ubiquitously informed to all students of political science and law. However, their education gained while they were in school was made imperfect, as soon as they become the enforcers of this educational goal in the society. So what are the reasons behind this evil?

Self-benefit is the ultimate, the first and foremost reason that turns education imperfect. Students of political science and law were never taught to be corrupt while they were in school; however, as they become the implementer of the education in the society, the educational goal was upside-down from "the good for the mass" to "the good for me first, for my family second, and for the mass at last."

Indeed, self-benefit is truly acceptable, because we need to be strong ourselves, before we help others. However, the goal of "the good for me first" never ends. We have often seen that, for the politician or lawyer, this first goal never ends, until the last minute that they become unable to gain self-benefit. "The good for me first" clouds and over-clouds other two goals: the good for my family second and for the mass at last.

To me every education is perfect; Communism, Democracy, Central planning, Free market economy, Laws are all perfect, if we ubiquitously follow their principles and determine ourselves to attain their goals. But they are made imperfect and unchangeably imperfect, when the educated individuals in these fields become the enforcers in the society and interpret these goals and principles for their benefits.

The second reason that makes education imperfect is "intentionally / unintentionally mistaken interpretation."

Mao t-se Tung and former Soviet leaders all claimed that they were genuine interpreters of communism; this is the path to make education imperfect. Communism which was invented by Max in his "communism manifesto" was intentionally or unintentionally interpreted to fit into Chinese or Soviet societies by Mao and former Soviet leaders. May and former Soviet leaders may know that their interpretations was mistaken, but because they just want it to be their communism, not the original communism which they did not like.

The differences of human natures, the different societies in which we are living in and other physical and mental differences between people in different part of the world have contributed to make education imperfect.

The third reason that makes education imperfect is: "Facilitating for easy implementation."

The education interpreters may clearly understand the foundation father's educational idea; however, totally and genuinely follow that educational ideas would be too difficult to reach the goal, so they decide to interpret them to make them less complicated and for easier implementation for themselves, as well as for the entire society.

The campaign to call back the true goal of education is strongly encouraged by me.

Lay Vicheka's quotes on Education:

1- "Understanding the goal of education is the most effective way of knowledge absorbing."

2- "Education is for everyone, so remember! Becoming highly educated is not for self-benefit."

3- "Education is the first and foremost mean to settle human differences and bringing like-mindedness to the entire world and like-mindedness is the source of world peace."

4- "Deeply understand your educational goal first, before sacrificing yourself to become a highly educated person."

5- "Education must be endlessly bettered." (Coined by Lay Vicheka, October 17, 2006, at 9:45 P.M., Cambodian time.)