Middle East Education - An Overview

The real cause of independence and freedom is now being more advanced all over the world, and Middle East is not lagging behind anymore. Middle East Education has developed in some of the major places and people have also gone to several polls for electing governments in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestinian territories that make the whole of Middle East.

The importance of education has been emphasized by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as one of the fundamental human rights and as the most necessary element for overall development as well. Education encompasses the wide scope of different aspects of human life that goes beyond the bookish knowledge. In the true sense of the term, education is all about overall development that entails social value system, tradition, religion, morality, history and politics. It is believed to be the acquired body of vast knowledge that provides the upcoming labor force with all the necessary skills required for ensuring the active participation in the overall economic development of a nation.

Acquiring literacy in different subjects, such as science, arithmetic and sense of reason along with problem solving skills helps in improving the value as well as the efficiency of labor. It helps in creating a skilled as well as intellectually flexible value system through proper training, academic credentials and expertise. Without education, nothing falls in place actually. The Middle East Education system takes into account all these important aspects and have taken the initiative of spreading awareness all over the region to ensure that proper measures are taken to make each and every citizen of the region a truly educated human being.

It is a fact that Middle East has faced many challenges in its way of democracy and the battle still continues. However, experts have also been quoting the education helps in freeing the mind from anything that is bigotry and particularly ignorance. Education helps in unleashing the creative contributions and abilities of citizens to improve their lives and also to build themselves for their own good. Education benefits all and should be made available to all as well. With that motto, Middle East Education has reached new heights and with every passing year, the state has been improving. This is a remarkable sign of patience and endurance that has actually paid off. This can be seen in the increasing success and focus on education events, seminars and exhibitions that are taking place across the MENA geography.

The Building Schools Education MENA event and BETT are the main education events in the Middle East. They both take place in Abu Dhabi each year and they are a good resource to start understanding the opportunities and market that exists in the Middle East education section. Under the Patronage of H.H General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi education council supports it and is the one major event dedicated to showcasing the best in educational technology products, resources and best practice.

Other education events take place in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which showcase the local markets, however the Building Education MENA and the BETT events are probably the two main pan regional events. With the development of Education in the Middle East and with a population quickly matching the USA and with a very young demographic the future for the Middle East education sector as a whole presents a huge opportunity for international investors, schools and the construction industry.

However, there are still certain areas in which Middle East Education needs to be improved. There are many parts of the state in which education is considered to be a luxury, while it should be a basic necessity. Education is offered only to selected classes till date and the only cause for this is possibly "ignorance". Often times, girls are prevented from their share of education as they are not allowed to attend schools. Lack of awareness, oppression and other related factors have been pulling down Middle East Education system till date that results in too many people, and particularly the female section of the community lagging behind.

According to the statistics of the United Nations education, Scientific and Cultural organization, more than 75 million women and 45 million men are still illiterate in this state, and that is a shocking proof of today's Middle East Education System. There is still room for improvement. The UAE and GCC nations are certainly much more advanced than the rest of the MENA region when it comes to equal opportunities for education.